Our Story

Fashion Designer Andi Frederic AndiFrederic is a Los Angeles based Creative Director, Fashion Designer and Fashion Stylist. The Trans-daughter of African-American and Filipino parents, Andi maintains a deeply rooted connection to her ethnic background. She believes the business of fashion is embedded in true whole-hearted embodiment- it begins with being in touch with your inner sexuality and finding the sultry and chic from the inside out.
Andi has always been driven and moved by creating something for someone that will make them FEEL their best. She believes his designs are an enhancement and an accentuated celebration of their body. Being able to give every shape the feeling of confidence, love, a drive to thrive and a distinct feeling of SEXY is what Haus of Pinklemonaid is all about. 

Intertwined with the movement in the past few years where publications and people have been pushed to find beauty and success in their flaws and in the imperfections of their natural creation, Andi felt the world catching up to her. Through her passion to celebrate each body type, she began his yellow brick road and debuted Haus of Pink Lemonaid, embracing the reinvention of the swimsuit and how it can make the one wearing it FEEL THEIR BEST. 




Model wearing haus of pinklemonanid
Andi’s passion lies in what her creations can do for the heart and with Haus of Pink Lemonaid, she is dedicated to continuously serving every body type and the swimsuit industry through pushing boundaries, innovative concepts and truly listening to what people desire for themselves when they wear a suit.

The HAUS serves to infuse confidence, power, adventure and the feeling of SEXY into every single one of its clients. 



Haus of Pink Lemonaid is in the works towards a Brick&Morter in Los Angeles, a philanthropy department that serves to educate and mentor future generations of designers that are unfunded and unsupported by their life circumstances and a travel project of the HAUS traveling up and down the coast selling swimsuits, visiting festivals and selling our very own vegan ice cream and pink lemonaid of course!